How to choose the work chair for a school child and for your own home office?

With the arrival of autumn and with moving of the life indoors - home, to school or to the office - office chairs and everything connected to studies are under a heightened interest. Home offices have become popular, performance of work tasks over the Internet favors finding a suitable place for working for yourself. When sitting at home on the couch, with a laptop on the coffee table and you hunched over it, has become a commonplace working position, it is high time to paay closer attention to your sitting posture and position. Office chairs are no longer only part of office buildings.

Task chair TREVISO

Task chair TREVISO

Correct seating position is a bedrock of a good posture

When the child reaches school age, the time is right to choose a work chair meeting the child's needs. The most operational formula for choosing a chair is to go to the store with the child and try out different chairs - the child needs to feel comfortable and confident in the chair. On the size-appropriate chair, the child's legs should reach the ground so that the knees are bent at a right angle and the backrest supports the back following its anatomical bends. The height of the chair seat should be adjustable. If you move a chair to the table, it is important that the hands would remain on the table so that the arm would be bent at the elbow at a right angle. The swing mechanism that ensures the dynamism of the backrest and adds comfort in case of the chairs for teens and adults, are however, not recommended in case of primary school children and very energetic children, as it may distract the child who will focus on the chair rather than on studying. If a child has difficulty sitting at the table in the correct position, we recommend instead to use dining room chairs with backs that are stable, and the wheels of which do not scratch the floor.

Task chair BIANCA

* Task chair BIANCA

We prevent back problems

When selecting a chair you should first measure the height of the desk, so that the height of the table and the chair would allow to adjust the armrests to the extent necessary. The right angle of resting the arm prevents sagging of the back and the turn emergence of shoulder and neck tensions. Adjustment of the depth and the height of the seat will contribute to finding the right position.

A good chair is unable to cure a hurting back, but is capable of preventing back problems.

Task chair MERANO

* Task chair MERANO

A work chair should be an investment

It is often asked why some chair is considerably more expensive out of those offered. The price is affected by the design and by the materials and the mechanisms used that ensure the longevity of the chairs. In case of a selection of a chair for a child who has just started school a cheaper chair may be an option, as the child grows out of the chair fast, but the costlier work chairs meant for teens and adults could be seen as an investment into health.

A well-chosen work chair sets the mood

The assortment of Office4you also offers in addition to ergonomics bright colored work chairs for children as well as classic tones for the solid atmosphere of the office. More expensive design chairs have visually hidden mechanisms for creating a minimalist and stricter look, so they are particularly well suited for managers. In order for a chair suitable in terms of color and comfort would not damage the floor, it should be borne in mind the material of the wheels - for carpeted rooms are suitable wheels of hard material, in case of parquet, it is advisable to use wheels of a soft material, such as rubber wheels.

Task chair RAGUSA

* Task chair RAGUSA

Let us favor our health and prevent back and neck problems caused by a wrong seating position. You will recognize a high-quality chair from the convenience of use.

task chair RECARO

* Task chair RECARO

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