Summer furniture for years

Garden furniture materials are plastic, wood, artificial wood, aluminum and steel, combined with textiles and a novel TEXTILINE material. So right now is a good time to look over your yard space and, if necessary and if desired, find a supplement from the Garden4you selection.








To keep your outdoor furniture in good condition for many years, we will give you some suggestions:

Above all, however, it all depends on what kind of storage conditions you have.
If you have purchased summer furniture, which is also used indoors, there is no major concern, just cleaning of the surface with a gentle detergent. If the furniture is placed in humid conditions, however, which is the most harmful option for summer furniture, it should definitely be checked that no mold or rust on metal has occurred..

Plastic furniture, artificial wood and WICKER is a material easy to maintain, cleansing with a soft sponge and mild detergent is sufficient. Also Textiline does not need more maintenance, plus it dries quickly.

Timber should be lubricated, the surfaces previously damaged should be gone over with a light sandpaper and cleaned from the dust and allow the oil to be absorbed properly, as well as check over the fastening points. Also, in case of metal furniture the screw mounts should be checked and if rust has occurred on the metal parts of the metal furniture, the problem areas should be cleaned with a rust remover and the surface should be covered with a suitable paint.

Despite the fact that the garden furniture is weather resistant, it should not be left out for the winter, but to be moved to a cool, dry, well ventilated place. For dust protection cover with a plastic or a special cover.



A heated space may seem like a good idea at first glance, but actually, an acute change in moisture conditions causes excessive drying of wood, emergence or increase of cracking. However, occurrence of small scratches and cracks is a normal phenomenon in the natural wood aging process.

Wood is a living material and absorbs moisture all the time, but if the furniture has stood too long in the autumn, it is already saturated by moisture so that maintenance oil is unable to absorb any more in the timber. The impact of protective coatings for furniture should also not be underestimated, especially in the case of wood, which will turn gray gradually in the wind, the sun and the rain.



All kinds of garden furniture should be protected against UV radiation to ensure long-term beautiful appearance and durability. Regularity is also important - if we fail to perform the maintenance on several occasions and suddenly we discovered that the wood has a worn out look, then giving it a fresh look is already a labor-intensive task.

The summer furniture should be cared for already at the end of the summer, the wood furniture in the summer when it is dry and warm and the oil has time to absorb into the wood.

Also, it is important in the case of plastic to operate immediately if, for example, at the time of the grill party the furniture gets dirty. If the dirt has already been absorbed into the surface of the plastic furniture it may not be possible to remove it from there. Be sure to avoid the use of a wire brush, which can damage the surface of the furniture







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