Sale conditions of 

These sale conditions applies for purchases of goods and services from  e-shop between buyer as private person (hereinafter referred as Consumer) and administrator of e-shop Evelekt AS (hereinafter referred as E-shop). 

1. It is possible to buy from e-shop via the Internet only the goods by which can be seen the link "Add to cart". The price or the availability of goods may be subject to change in real time without notice. If the buyer has submitted the order, before changing of the corresponding terms, the contract terms valid at the time of making the order apply for the buyer. Home4you has the right to withdraw from the agreement concluded via the e-shop without penalty and not to deliver the ordered goods or provide the services, if the goods have ran out of stock or when the price or features have been displayed incorrectly in the e-shop due to a system error. If the e-shop is not able to deliver the goods, the buyer will be contacted and the amount paid will be returned. 

2. On the Shopping Cart page, the customer can change the shopping cart contents if she or he so desires. After entering the shipping address and confirmation of the order the contents of the shopping cart cannot be altered and the shopping cart is emptied of the products. If you disconnect the order after order entry, the goods must be re-selected for the shopping cart. If the order and the contact details have been filled in correctly, you can begin paying. 

3. In e-shop you can pay for selected goods via the e-banking links. You can also pay for goods by bank transfer. In the bank transfer, the invoice number underlying the transfer must be stated in the explanation. All Home4you web shop transactions are billed in euros and include 21% VAT.

3.1 Discount codes. On page you can use discount codes. You will find discount codes from our campaigns. If you have a discount code you can add it on Shopping Cart.

4. If the order is not paid for within 3 working days from placing the order Home4you e-shop has the right to cancel the order. 

5. After including the goods to the "Shopping Cart", you can continue browsing other goods or submit an order. After paying for the goods (making the bank transfer), order confirmation is displayed on the screen. 

6. The orders submitted in the e-shop will be reviewed on the same day as the amount paid for the order is received on the seller's bank account and the buyer will be contacted no later than the next business day. 

7. Goods will be delivered in accordance with the availability, to the provided address, at the agreed time to the main front door. Goods are handed over to the buyer only. Read about terms and conditions here. Goods can only be given to a third party on agreement with the buyer. The goods are delivered to the buyer generally within 48 hours on working days after receipt of the payment for the order on the seller's bank account. In case of special orders, the time of arrival of order is indicated on invoice. 

8. Consumers are entitled within 14 days to notify the seller of the intention to withdraw from the contract and to claim the return of the entire amount paid. Purchased items cannot be returned if the ordered goods are made taking into account the individual needs of the Consumer. Returned goods must not be used and must be in the original packaging. 

All costs of returning of the goods are covered by Consumer. Goods will have to be returned in 14 days after receiving them. 

Consumer is responsible of worsening of conditions of returned goods only if goods have been used in other purposes than required to understand product’s functionality as one would normally be allowed to do in ordinary shop.   

9. For returning the goods an e-mail must be sent on the address The letter must contain the following information: the returned goods, the order number and the bank account to where the money is to be returned. The amount paid for the goods is returned to the purchaser's account immediately but no later than 14 days after the notice of withdrawal has reached the seller. 

10. The buyer shall have the right, in case of goods that do not comply with the terms of the contract, that do not conform to the proposed model, or has defects, lodge a complaint and to demand the goods be returned. In case of defective goods, the Consumer has the right to submit a complaint to the seller within two years from the date of delivery of the goods. The complaint must be filed immediately, but not later than two months from the moment of discovery of the defect. In order for easier solving of any subsequent problems, Consumers should be sure to keep the purchase document (invoice, contract, etc.), proving that the goods have been purchased from Home4you e-shop. Without document certifying the sales the seller / servicer may leave the problem unsolved. Home4you e-shop will reply to complaint in 15 days after receiving it. 

11. Processing personal data

11.1. By submitting personal data in e-shop, and by accepting, Consumer gives permission to collect and process Consumer’s personal data (name, phone, delivery and/or home address, e-mail) and to forward it logistics partner for delivering of the order.

11.2. e-shop has right to use Consumers home address for delivering commercial or other information to Consumer.

11.3. Consumer has any time right to prohibit collecting and using personal data, only except if it is necessary to fulfil claims stipulated in agreement or delivering of goods.     

11.4. Using electronic personal data in direct mailing, happens only if Consumer has given permission for it on e-shop

11.5. Encrypted data exchange in paying for the purchases ensures security of Consumers personal bank details. E-shop has no access to that data. 

12. Any complaints regarding to the goods or services purchased from our e-shop has to be forwarded to Evelekt AS; Katlakalna street 6d, Riga, LV-1073 or e-mail address:  Goods can be returned to the aforementioned address. 

13. In case of defective goods, Consumer has right to:

1) at first demand free repair of goods or replacement of goods.

2) demand a reduction of purchase price, or withdrawal from the contract, in case: - the seller is not able to repair or replace the goods, - repairing fails - the seller does not have the defect removed within a reasonable time - repair or replacement has caused undue inconvenience to Consumer.
E-shop is not responsible of the defects that are related to use of the goods in unintended purpose, or to violation of due care or breaking of the goods.
Information on the order: Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00 by phone 371 2662 3522 or e-mail address



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